DIGIVMUSIC is now on Bandcamp

DIGIVMUSIC, crossover ambient music is now on Bandcamp, hereโ€™s the link.

Launched today, 23rd April 2020, visit DIGIVMUSIC on Bandcamp. Looking forward to mingling with electronica fans alike.


DIGIVMUSIC – new music release

Seventh Sky is the latest single by DIGIVMUSIC.

Seventh Sky represents the energy of a seventh heaven, the start of mind finding complete happiness.

This instrumentmenal piece combines a crossover of ambient and electronica genres with a light piano score.

Listen on Spotify:

Deeper State of Mind

โ€ฆis the title of my latest music track. It forms part of my โ€˜Relax & Sleepโ€™ playlist aimed at restful moments accompaniment during the day or night time. Itโ€™s available for streaming from YouTube and SoundCloud.

Other tracks on the YouTube โ€˜Relax and Sleepโ€™ playlist, include:

Thank you for listening to my music. I am delighted with the comments received on my YouTube channel and elsewhere on social media. They all inspire me to create more music for your pleasure. Wishing you a relaxing weekend, all the best very from DIGIVMUSIC ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’œ