Photo of electronic music producer DIGIVMUSIC.
Shane Maxwell from DIGIVMUSIC

Hello, I am Shane Maxwell and I am a producer of electronic, ambient and experimental music from the south coast of UK.

In December 2020, I produced my first space ambient EP album When Lunar Sleeps in the first Covid19 lockdown. The concept for this album revolves around ‘sick earth’ and the of whole civilisation is being transported to a space station called Lunar. While Lunar Sleeps, attempts are made to heal planet Earth so that we can all return by safe passage.

Throughout 2021, I focused on dreamscape ambient music, such as: ‘New Moon’, ‘Deeper State of Mind’, ‘Weightless Part One’, ‘Weightless Part Two’ and NOVO ZEN. Rounding off 2021 with a seasonal piano piece A Christmas Wish. For a complete breakdown of my discography, visit my Music page.

In 2022, I have started to compose new material. The first single for 2022 is Seventh Sky and will be out on the 28th January 2022.

Please consider supporting my work and helping me grow, by subscribing to my YouTube channel. Thank you for your support 💖, peace and love DIGIVMUSIC.

Last updated January 2022.

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