Ambient Electronica music from the south coast of U.K.

Hi, thanks for visiting DIGIVMUSIC!

DIGIVMUSIC was formed by U.K. born Shane Maxwell, a bedroom musician, composer and visual artist. Influenced by his music greats such as Vangelis, Brian Eno and Tangerine Dream, Boards of Canada, drummer turned musician Shane started crafting his own style of electronic music in 2020.

My first album When Lunar Sleeps (2020), was produced for his love of electronic Space music from his childhood days. Further Space singles emerged Orion and Sentinel. I get caught up in themes a lot of time which compels me to creating individualistic pieces.

Flavours of Ambient Soundcsapes also shape my work Summer’s on the way, Deep Forest, Fountains Mist and The Magic of the Woods, incorporate sounds of nature recorded in the field.

Raising the pulse slightly with After Touch, Hope and my latest single Chronos. Trance and minimal techno raise my roof levels for a different mood.

To summarise, I’d say my music is a blend of electronica and ambient music. Hope you feel and enjoy the DIGIVMUSIC energy, as much as I enjoy making music. I am currently working on new material releasing in 2023. Thank you for listening and supporting my journey.

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DIGIVMUSIC, Magic of the Woods, ambient soundscape

DIGIVMUSIC, Gold Rush, cowboy techno music

DIGIVMUSIC, After Touch, electronic ambient trance

DIGIVMUSIC, Fountains Mist, ambient electronic music

DIGIVMUSIC, Deep Forest, ambient soundscape single

DIGIVMUSIC, Summer’s on the Way, neoclassical single

DIGIVMUSIC, Driver, single, electronic music

DIGIVMUSIC, Sentinel, electronic music

DIGIVMUSIC, Seventh Sky, electronic music single.

DIGIVMUSIC, New Horizon, single

DIGIVMUSIC, New Moon, neoclassical music

ANANTATA infinity DIGIVMUSIC, experimental electronic music album.

DIGIVMUSIC, mini EP Album, Spring. Experimental electronic music.

DIGIVMUSIC ORION, space single.

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